Time Attendance Software

Real time sync employee's attendance from Biometric machines / Mobile Attendance App
Overseas Time Attendance System is implementing a cloud-based software which captures employees TIME IN & TIME OUT from our biometric machines / Face Recognition readers / Mobile Apps. The attendance data will real time sync to the Time Attendance Software. Time Attendance Software has the customizable options to create multiple shift patters with different Overtime & Lateness rules. Attendance data can be linked to info-tech Payroll Software or can be export to Excel, CSV or real time sync to other applications. There are 3 options available to capture the employees Attendance data. 1. Biometric Machines 2. Mobile App (Smart Phone) 3. Tablet App


System Featuers

  • Daily Allowances
    • Supports attendance, transport, meal, shift, health and other kind of allowances
    • Supports daily and monthly allowances computation
    • Supports weekday, weekend and public holiday computation
    • Allows penalty and partial allowances deduction by many different criteria
    • Allows easy updating or edit feature
    • Easy parameter settings
    • Job Cost
  • Working Hours
    • 1.Need not be Expensive or complicated
    • 2.Eaisly reproduce estimates
  • The archibing template will assist countries
    • Supports unlimited different working patterns
    • Supports unlimited rotation duty roster
    • Flexible working hours feature
    • Scheduling working hours group feature (No fixed working pattern)
    • Auto-shift feature (System auto-assign working hours group based on IN time)
    • Individual employee assignment of working hours group
    • User friendly parameter settings
    • Password settings: Different user different access control.
    • Built in interface program to major Payroll systems.
    • Allows easy housekeeping maintenance: Deleting older records, backup and restore feature.
    • Audit Trial: Master user can view the changes done by other users.
    • Custom Report Writer: User can generate own custom reports.
    • Global Change: Updating the timings or remarks by batch.
  • applying and completing thetemplate will help the inventory team
    • 1.Acceaa Previos records
    • 2.Easly reproduce and review estimates
    • 3.Ensure Credibility
    • 4.SaeGuard Against loss of data