Audit Management

Governance Risk and Compliance and accounting communities face a complex series of issues, challenges and rapidly changing priorities. Business growth, globalisation and increasing corporate scrutiny place today’s audit, accounting and risk management professionals firmly in the spotlight. As regulatory requirements and information volumes continue to grow

Audit Software, risk management software, internal audit software, audit management software professionals must increase their productivity and target their resources while delivering timely, relevant information and strategic assurance to management. Overseas specialises in providing integrated and advanced software to support the professional expertise of auditors, accountants and risk managers that enables them to respond effectively within

It is also Industry Standard in Audit Management Software As Overseas audit management software, Overseas has revolutionized the industry, empowering audit departments of all sizes to spend less time documenting and reviewing and more time providing value-added services.scovered -

Over-Seas Audit System Overseas audit management software system increases the efficiency and productivity of the entire internal audit process, including: risk assessment, scheduling, planning, execution, review, report generation, trend analysis, audit committee reporting and storage. By providing an integrated paperless strategy for managing audits,Overseas audit software eliminates the barriers associated with paper-filled binders and disconnected electronic files, driving efficiencies into all facets of the internal audit workflow.

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