OverSeas DMS

Overseas Technology would like to submit this proposal to develop Project Archiving application that gives the users the opportunity to Archive all project details and related documents The Project Archiving application provides its users with a secured environment, and a customizable conversation’s backgrounds. The table of contents in this template makes it easy for your client to skip straight to various sections of your proposal. our users find it particularly useful for longer proposals, like this one.


System Featuers

  • An archieve will help the Inventory Team :
    • 1.Access Previous records
    • 2.Eaisly reproduce estimates
    • 3.Ensure Credibility
    • 4.Accounts Receivable
    • 5.Respond ToGovermmnt , or public inquiry
    • 6.More easily Review Estimates
    • 7.Job Cost
    • 8.safeguard against loss of information
  • An archieve
    • 1.Need not be Expensive or complicated
    • 2.Eaisly reproduce estimates
  • The archibing template will assist countries
    • 1.Assess past archiving system
    • 2.Guidance to develop an archieving system
    • 3.Estabish roles responsibilties consist of inventory schedule
    • 4.Future Improvement
  • applying and completing thetemplate will help the inventory team
    • 1.Acceaa Previos records
    • 2.Easly reproduce and review estimates
    • 3.Ensure Credibility
    • 4.SaeGuard Against loss of data