Delivery Approval

Capture Proof of Delivery on tablets and smart phone devices and get real time information back to you

Signature capture on mobile smart phones enables you to use everyday technology to business use. Increase business effectiveness by leveraging mobile smart phones and tablets to capture signatures. Before you invest in expensive mobile gadgets that are single use and cumbersome to use, try our risk free offer to use It. You will be surprised about the simplicity and effectiveness of the solution and ease of use.

Proof of delivery is an instrument for confirmation of customers' deliveries/ services. This typically takes the form of a signature of the person acknowledging the deliveries. Typically the shipper requests (optionally pays an additional fee) for obtaining proof of delivery. Some systems rely on the POD to invoice the customer for the delivery. Typical POD (Proof of Delivery) is obtained on a printed sheet of paper and scanned into a system for viewing or retrieval. The POD documentation consists only of the receiver’s signature.

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