Production Line

The use of distributed line control leads to reduced and simplified maintenance, simpler line cabling, and considerably lower power consumption.

Product handling Increased line efficiency is offered through easy line balancing and a high dynamic buffering capacity, with a low queue pressure on the conveyor. Seamless speed adjustments allow gentle product handling, higher product stability and less line disturbances.

Easy engineering Within the line control package, there is also a drag & drop software library with programs for all functions including the logistic system. This way the software engineer's work is simplified, and the quality of each function is assured.


  • Error tracking is possible
  • Display of data flow between machine production control
  • Data files are sent and received automatically by the production control
  • Data files are booked in and out automatically
  • Enables the planning and sorting of data files
  • Enables the planning of day to day production
  • Avoids waiting and searching times
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