Transformers Anti Theft

Transformer Anti-theft Protection System – OVER-SEAS system – it is a system used for protection against the theft of devices installed over a large area and connected to the low voltage power network.

The task of the system is a quick and reliable transmission of information on interference in the device to its owner.

OVER-SEAS-1 sensor it is a device for continuous monitoring of the object protected. The device is resistant to ambient conditions typical for the Polish climate.

The following elements are used as sensors of interference in the protected device:

  • three-phase voltage sensor
  • vibration sensor (position sensor)
  • contact sensors
  • Sensors of opening the casing

OVER-SEAS system may operate using the APN number of the mobile network operator. However, in order to protect the system against the attacks of hackers it is strongly recommended to the user to buy the private APN service from mobile network operator that allows complete separation of OVER-SEAS system from the public internet network.

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